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Application of Cloud Computing model today you should know

Meta: What applications does the Cloud Computing model have in practice? Click on this article to find out all about them right away. Cloud Computing technology model and practical applications are always important in applying to realize the goals set by individuals and businesses throughout the operation process. In this article, we will share with […]

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What are the benefits of website for businesses?

Meta: This website is now becoming one of the effective tools for the advertising and information industry. So does the website benefit businesses or not? Nowadays, smartphones have become universal, accessing the internet becomes normal. Website is an effective tool for promoting the company’s image and products to the market. Most small businesses claim that […]

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Windows and Linux operating systems. Which operating system is worth using?

Meta: If you are considering changing or buying a new laptop, then considering which operating system to choose is not to be missed.  With 2 popular operating systems today,  Windows and Linux, which is the appropriate choice? Currently, there are many operating systems to use for a personal computer, serving all types of user needs […]

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What is VPS Cloud Server? How is Cloud Server and Cloud VPS different?

Meta: In fact, misunderstanding of technological differences between Cloud VPS and Cloud Server in the web hosting industry is becoming quite popular. Cloud server provides a virtual private server like VPS but is deployed and developed on the basis of cloud computing technology. Therefore, Cloud Server inherits the outstanding advantages of cloud computing technology that […]