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The basic knowledge of the website to help you succeed

Meta: With the development of society, the development of websites is also increasingly important. It gives people many practical benefits in life.

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In the era of advanced technology today, we are no strangers to the website and the great benefits that the website brings. However, not everyone can know the basic knowledge to build a complete website, take full advantage of its benefits. This article helps you quickly grasp the basic concepts so you can easily get started right into website creation.


Website design really brings many benefits to people / dakdisign.net


Building the appropriate domain name

Put simply, if you want to design an online store, the domain name is the address to access your store. For customers who can find your store. The domain name consists of two parts, the domain name and the tail. An example so you can easily understand like shopee.com, shopee is the name, and .com will be the tail.

The domain extension includes .com, .net, .org, .vn and some other similar sections. The domain name extension is intended to categorize the content, origin and purpose of the website.

Before starting to design a website, choose a domain name that is suitable and easy to remember for people to search easily when you want to learn about your business or store.

Information and website hosting

Hosting is your server that helps you operate the website. In simple and straightforward terms, this is the land where you place your online store. Speaking of hosting is talking about the server, so that your website runs fast and stable, then choosing hosting is an important job. Here are the things you need to care about your hosting.

There are 3 types of hosting for you to choose but if you are a beginner you should choose the type of Share hosting. than.

Depending on the source of your web software, you choose the right operating system. Currently includes 2 prominent operating systems are Windows and Linux. Often people choose Linux more because of the cheaper price, running more free open source.

You also need to find out the maximum capacity ie the maximum size that you can upload files, 500MB, 1Gb … You see how many products you have, a product image how much capacity then you multiply will know. How much space do I need?

The issue of security and safety is also extremely important, because hosting with a security error will cause your website to be damaged, lost or stolen, making the website run very slowly. So when choosing hosting should buy reputable quality hosting.

Prepare bandwidth because every time someone views your website, your website will consume bandwidth. Here bandwidth is the total maximum amount of download allowed for your website. If this bandwidth expires, your website will not be displayed anymore, but will generate an error of 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. This error means that your website has run out of bandwidth, you need to buy more.

Important part of software source code

This is an important software that helps you build your own website, with this software you can completely make a professional website, full of features and quickly. And one of the software you can use well in website design is WordPress. This website is designed to help non-IT professionals build their own websites. It will be very difficult for you to be able to program the website but it is completely simple if you know how to use WordPress software. WordPress is the smartest and smartest choice for small and medium websites. For large websites you can also learn more about the software that meets its development.

Website design has a lot of special things you need to explore/ nguyenhuuphuoc.net

If you are learning about the website and want to design the website yourself, then read through and follow the sharing above. Especially with WordPress, this series is designed to be easy to understand and easy to do for non-IT professionals so you can use it to design websites. With less than 8 hours of this Series you can completely make a professional website with many interesting functions. In addition to a professional design, you should also learn more in some other guide information.

Hopefully, through the above sharing, you can design your first websites. Wish you can succeed with your passion and especially website design.

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