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What is VPS Cloud Server? How is Cloud Server and Cloud VPS different?

Meta: In fact, misunderstanding of technological differences between Cloud VPS and Cloud Server in the web hosting industry is becoming quite popular.

Cloud server provides a virtual private server like VPS but is deployed and developed on the basis of cloud computing technology. Therefore, Cloud Server inherits the outstanding advantages of cloud computing technology that you cannot get when using ordinary VPS.

What is VPS Cloud server? vps cloud server

In recent years, the information technology industry has been growing. Along with that development, businesses and organizations will have to invest large amounts of money for new purchases, maintenance and operation of servers. However, with the advent of cloud computing (Cloud Computing), business organizations will not have to invest too much money to own a server (server) to serve operations, business activities, commercial development, application of information technology in production.

Business organizations can choose virtual servers or VPS (Virtual Private Server) to be used as a separate server for business needs. However, organizations today can use Cloud Server technology with more advanced performance and technology.

Cloud server provides a virtual private server like VPS but is deployed and developed on the basis of cloud computing technology, so Cloud server inherits the outstanding advantages of cloud computing technology that will not can be obtained by using regular VPS.

How is Cloud Server and Cloud VPS different?

Today, information technology is developing very quickly. That means that the Internet is also proportional to the rise along with information technology. Obviously, Internet-related services are focused on ensuring confidentiality and safety. In particular, Cloud Server and Cloud VPS are very popular.

So what is Cloud Server? And what is Cloud VPS? In essence, Cloud VPS is a virtual server. And Cloud Server is a server but is provided with a separate virtual server similar to Cloud VPS. These two are basically two different things. They are just the same as they all have virtual servers. But, Cloud Server has an outstanding advantage because it is developed on cloud computing.

Cloud Server

It is a virtual server, developed on cloud computing platforms. In Cloud Server, there are many advantages compared to VPS:

– It has high stability due to being developed on cloud platform. So large resource flow, will ensure the stability of Cloud Server is always available. No clogging when there is a large amount of traffic. vps cloud server

– Due to the large amount of resources. So Cloud Server always ensures traffic and is easy to upgrade when required.

– Recently there have been many cyber attacks. And Cloud Server is supported to control incidents due to the huge amount of resources. Should be able to prevent external hazards, ensure safety for users.

– Easy administration. This is an attractive advantage for users in Cloud Server. Because Cloud Server simplifies administrative tasks in the necessary items, this is easy to score for users.

Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS is the same use on the same server. Because of the common use, these branches are called virtual machines. Cloud VPS can share and share from the same server, but has very low resource limits.

Why is Cloud VPS limited in resources? Because VPS has separate RAM for each virtual server and you can only use the amount of resources in that permission. Each virtual server (VPS) has a separate operating system, CPU, memory, etc  just like a server (Server) is managed and configured separately. 

In addition to the above, cloud VPS also has some disadvantages that make users unhappy

– VPS works depending on the server so sometimes unstable.

– It costs money if you want to upgrade more resources but that resource is limited and not much.

– And the downside that makes users most dissatisfied is that during peak hours, VPS will be suspended or even lost the network, which makes customers feel uncomfortable.

All in all, if you want reliability and strong functionality, then Cloud Server is a great choice. On the other hand, VPS is created for people who are interested in hosting just one website. Although robust, VPS does not guarantee uptime if your website is down due to high traffic or technical problems.

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