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Windows and Linux operating systems. Which operating system is worth using?

Meta: If you are considering changing or buying a new laptop, then considering which operating system to choose is not to be missed.  With 2 popular operating systems today,  Windows and Linux, which is the appropriate choice?

Currently, there are many operating systems to use for a personal computer, serving all types of user needs such as Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, SteamOS, Syllable, SkyOS,… Therefore, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each platform to have an appropriate choice for your computer. This article will compare  Windows and Linux operating systems.

Windows – The most popular operating system today

This operating system platform was launched in 1985 by Microsoft.  There have been many popular versions such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 today. In addition, other versions of Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Server… have contributed to creating a dominant Windows desktop market, becoming a popular operating system with users around the world. With a focus on entertainment, office work with a large application store, and the ability to adapt to many computers on the market, Windows gives you more options when buying computers and using this operating system.

Windows is the most popular operating system today/dienmayxanh.com

The advantages of windows

  • Most popular hardware manufacturers: Most computer manufacturers today choose to equip their products with Windows operating system, which means you will have more brand options when buying a computer, such as Asus, Acer, HP, Dell,…
  • Rich application store: Windows is equipped with a rich application store to serve the needs of use in an office or entertainment environment, which can easily simulate applications on Android or iOS.
  • Diverse prices to choose from: Whether you want to buy cheap laptops or high-end models, you can experience the Windows operating system. This operating system covers all price segments, giving consumers more options.

The disadvantages of Windows

  • Copyright infringement issue: Currently the number or percentage of Windows users “pirated” is very high, especially in Vietnam. This leads to many risks during use such as data loss, personal information, affecting the performance of the device…
  • Security: Because it is used all over the world, Windows is the priority target of many famous “hackers”, most virus-containing software was created for Windows.
  • Upgrade support is not really optimal: Microsoft often releases additional updates, accompanied by hardware requirements. If the laptop configuration is not strong enough, the device will not be able to update this new upgrade.

Linux operating system

If Windows stands out for its ease of use, balance in all aspects, MacOS excels in fastidiousness, Linux is an operating system that can be changed and repaired by anyone. First launched by his father Linus Torvalds in 1991 after 3 years of continuous work – everything started when he was a student at Helsinki University. Linux with an open working environment, this operating system has the next versions developed by the user community. This is a free operating system released for users and can be repaired or changed by anyone. Currently, there are many branches of this operating system that are well-known in the world such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint,… from companies or the community to share development, but the most common is  Ubuntu.

Linux is an open source operating system for programmers/dienmayxanh.com

The advantages of Linux

  • Copyright: If you are a person with guidelines and focus on copyright issues, this is the appropriate choice. Linux is developed for free for users and is based on an open source platform.
  • Using the free application: You can still work in the office through professional OpenOffice and LibreOffice applications like on Microsoft Office on Windows without having to pay for licensing fees and many other applications.
  • Linux is flexible and you have a lot of options: To suit your use, you have many free versions that are shared for free from the Linux user community because it can be repaired by anyone.  Examples of versions: Ubuntu uses similar Windows, Lubuntu often uses old computers, with low configuration.
  • High security: The Linux user community is very focused on fixing vulnerabilities to ensure safety that makes the virus almost impossible to operate on this OS platform.  Therefore, this will be an ideal operating system choice for users who prefer security features.
  • Works smoothly on cheap laptops: If you own a computer with a weak configuration, do not worry, because of the diversity of the user community of this operating system, there will be no shortage of versions for computers stale or weak configuration.

The disadvantages of Linux

  • Application store is small: Although there are emulation versions and supporting software running on Linux, but because this is a developer operating system, this will cause difficulties for some new users because you have to find  Tutorial posts whenever you want to run an application.
  • Drivers support is limited: Some manufacturers do not develop support drivers running on the Linux platform, so you will have a lot of difficulties in using applications and software.
  • Difficult to get used to: If you are familiar with Windows, it will take some time to familiarize yourself with the interface and how to use the Linux operating system.

This article provides insight based on some features of Windows and Linux operating systems. However, you need to consider your needs, such as the purpose of laptop and affordability before choosing the appropriate operating system for you to know which one is more useful.

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